The Fine Art of Creating/Using Sony PlayStation  Backups/Imports by means of a Game Enhancer.


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The information found on this website tailors to the creation and usage of Sony PlayStation backups/imports by means of a game enhancer device on a Sony PlayStation model 7501 and below. Game Enhancers were a cheaper and safer method to run backups/imports on the original Sony PlayStation, without needing to modify the actual hardware or circuitry of the Sony PlayStation in any way (i.e. by use of a modchip). This website has nothing to do with the PlayStation 2 (PS2) nor the PlayStation 3 (PS3). Also, information on this website is definitely dated, as the website's origins date back to 1999, with a last official update in 2001.

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What is this insanity? What is this garble you speak of? (an explanation to those who don't know what mod chips, game enhancers, and backups are all about)

What advantages/disadvantages does the use of a game enhancer have over other conventional methods of using backups (i.e. by means of using a mod chip or the swap method)

How do I backup my Sony PlayStation discs on a Windows based machine? (Also, how to get your PlayStation backups to stop skipping and run properly)

O.K. You got my attention, now what's the skinny on the deal? (how do you use a game enhancer to play backups and imports)

Common myths debunked

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How to determine which PlayStation model you own and/or whether or not it is compatible with a game enhancer

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