How to determine which PlayStation model you own and/or whether or not it is compatible with a game enhancer

As mentioned earlier, game enhancers are compatible with every PlayStation model prior to the 9001 model. The reason for this is that the 9001 model (and above) as well as the PS ONE compact PlayStation does NOT have a parallel I/O port! (the port needed to support game enhancers). Sony, finding no use for it supporting Sony made products (game enhancers are NOT made or endorsed by Sony) they decided to obliterate it entirely. What this means is that game enhancers no longer work with these new PlayStations. The only known way to play imports/copies on 9001 machines (or above) / PS ONE compact PlayStations to date is VIA a mod chip. How can you tell which PlayStation model you own? You can use this simple guide to determine both what model number your PlayStation is, and whether or not it is compatible with a game enhancer by following these simple steps.

*NOTE TO DUAL SHOCK PLAYSTATION OWNERS* Please read this whole page instead of just the first section as some "Dual Shock" PlayStations ARE compatible with game enhancers.

The Easiest Method:

If you own the new PS ONE compact PlayStation model:

PS ONE compact PlayStation
Then a game enhancer is NOT compatible with your current PlayStation model.

If your Sony PlayStation came with a regular Playstation controller

Regular Playstation Controller
rather than the new "Dual Shock" analog controller (i.e.: the one with the two analog sticks under the "Start" and "Select" buttons and the vibration feature)

Dual Shock Analog Controller
then it is FOR SURE compatible with a game enhancer.

If, however, it DID come with the new "Dual Shock" Analog Controller (commonly referred to as the "Dual Shock PlayStation")

Dual Shock PlayStation
then you have either one of two models, the 7501 model or the 9001 model (or above). You can find out which model you have by looking at the official Sony label at the bottom of your PlayStation. In the top-right hand corner of the label, there should be a "Model No." followed by a code starting with "SCPH-" and ending with four numbers. These four numbers are your model number. This number can also be found on the cover of the Instruction Manual that came with your PlayStation in the bottom left hand corner, once again starting with "SCPH-" and ending with four numbers (disregard the numbers following the /). If this number is lower than 9001 (i.e.: 1001, 5001, 5501, 7001, 7501, etc.) then your PlayStation IS compatible with a game enhancer. However, if the model number is 9001 or higher, then unfortunately, you cannot use a game enhancer on this machine.

If none of these steps answer your question, then the final way of determining whether or not your Sony PlayStation is compatible with a game enhancer or not is simply by looking at the back of the PlayStation (where the PlayStation connects to your television and power outlet). If, in addition to (going from right to left) the AC IN, AV MULTI OUT, AND SERIAL I/O ports, you have a "Parallel I/O" port (usually covered by a clip-off cover and found on the left side (when facing the rear of the unit) measuring about 2.5 inches or 6 centimeters in length) then your PlayStation DOES support a game enhancer.

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