Common myths debunked

The use of a game enhancer to play copies/imports require the user to own ANY original Sony PlayStation disc: TRUE
In order to use a game enhancer to play copies/imports, you must first load the country code from ANY original Sony PlayStation disc (even the demo disc works fine)

In order to run a copy with a game enhancer, you have to load the country code from the original version of the copied game you are trying to play: FALSE
ANY original Sony PlayStation disc (even the demo disc) can be used to plug in the country code to allow the PlayStation to read the copy.

Gold CD-Rs are the only CD-Rs that work with PlayStations: FALSE
I use dark blue CD-Rs (Verbatim DataLife Plus CD-Rs) all the time.

The laser on the PlayStation will make bad sectors on any CD-R that isn't gold: FALSE
"PlayStation lasers DO NOT make bad sectors on ANY discs. The laser is a class 2 laser incapable of the power needed to write any information (good or bad) to any form of CD, CD-R, or CD-RW."

Original PlayStation discs have bad sectors on them: TRUE
"ORIGINAL black discs (actually very dark blue) DO have bad sectors intentionally written to them. This is part of a 2 step 'copy protection' that Sony thought would prevent people from copying/playing backups and imports on PlayStations. When you copy a PlayStation game with a CD burner, the drive (not the software) 'corrects' these bad sectors, which lets the PlayStation know that it's not a real PlayStation disc. Mod chips, the 'swap trick', and the use of game enhancers defeat this problem by sending either artificial information (VIA mod chip) or the information from an original Playstation CD (VIA the swap trick/game enhancer) to the PlayStation's processor before loading the copied/import game."
-Thanks go out to "Jukata D'n'B Producer" for the answers to the 2 myths listed above.

You can't use a game enhancer to play backups/imports: FALSE
Funny how people doubt what they don't know :)

The reason gold CD-Rs skip is because your eye (CD lens) is worn/off angle: FALSE
My PlayStation is near brand new, and the lens is perfectly straight and looks fine, yet gold CD-Rs simply refuse to work.

Verbatim DataLife Plus CD-Rs (i.e. the dark blue ones) do not work with PlayStations: FALSE
They are now my premier choice for CD-Rs and work fine with my PlayStation.

CD ReWritable discs (CD-RW) do not work in PlayStations: TRUE
Though CD ReWritable drives can be used to burn PlayStation discs, CD ReWritable (CD-RW) discs cannot.

80 Minute CD-Rs (700 Meg CD-R's) do not work In PlayStations: FALSE
Both 74 minute CD-Rs and 80 minute CD-Rs work to copy PlayStation games. Take note that all original PlayStation discs are 74 minutes or less.

The new PlayStation models: model 9001 (and above) as well as the new PS ONE compact PlayStations do NOT have a parallel I/O ports: TRUE
Model 9001 (and above) PlayStations, as well as the new PS ONE compact PlayStations, do NOT have parallel I/O ports (the port needed to support game enhancers). Sony, finding no use for the port supporting Sony made products (game enhancers are NOT made or endorsed by Sony) they decided to obliterate it entirely. What this means is that game enhancers no longer work with these new PlayStations! The only known way to play imports/copies on 9001 machines (or above), or the new PS ONE compact PlayStations to date is VIA a mod chip. [Click here if you would like to find out how to determine which PlayStation model you own and/or whether or not it is compatible with a game enhancer].

The earlier the model of PlayStation being used to play copies/backups, the worse it is at reading different kinds of CD-Rs: TRUE
Generally, the higher the model number of your PlayStation, the more reliable it is at reading copied discs. While 1001 PlayStations are horrible at reading discs in general (real PlayStation discs or copies), 7501 PlayStations will read almost any CD-R out there.

All game enhancers, even Interact GameSharks and Datel Pro Action Replays, can play import/copied games: FALSE
Some Pro Action Replays play copied/imported games and some do not! The reason for this is that there are two companies that make Pro Action Replays, EMS and Datel. Datel's Pro Action Replays, like the first GameSharks, would play copies/imports no problem. But like Interact, once Datel learned of their enhancer's hidden function, they instantly got rid of the spin down feature, rendering their enhancers useless to play copies/imports. EMS on the other hand, not only kept the feature, but played the market by advertising this function and even included springs with their units! Datel, realizing that this can be harmful to their reputation, and being the legal owners of the Pro Action Replay name, have taken EMS to court. The results of the lawsuit are unknown to me, however I DO know that EMS complied by changing the name of their unit to the Gold Finger.

You cannot play the new "anti-modchip" protected games and backups with a game enhancer: FALSE
Game enhancers allow people who own either non-stealth modchips (older modchips) or no modchip at all to play anti-modchip games and backups by means of either using codes found online with their game enhancer [a database of these codes are available by clicking here] or by using a special swap method described here.

Copies/backups of the game Road Rash Jailbreak and Nascar Rumble by Electronic Arts do not run:
Sadly, unlike anti-modchip protected backups/imports, codes will not remedy this situation. Copies of the game Road Rash Jailbreak and Nascar Rumble do not seem to work using game enhancers with non-post 1999 Electronic Arts originals to load the country code from. For some reason, the only way I can get my copy to work is if I load the country code from the original Road Rash Jailbreak CD first. A fan of the site has told me that all post 1999 Electronic Arts and EA Sports original PlayStation CDs do the trick as well.

A way to get copies that require a post 1999 Electronic Arts source disc to work is by grabbing the PlayStation console on its right side and by tilting the right side of the Playstation in the air: TRUE
Yes, I know how ridiculous this sounds, but the sad truth is, it WORKS (most of the time). Certain copies, such as Nascar Rumble in my case, may make a skipping sound [Click Here to hear what it sounds like] when you try to run it, and then will simply stop and idle at the "Start" screen. If you don't have a post 1999 Electronic Arts original source disc to load the country code from, what you can do is this: simply lift the right side of the Playstation up 90 degrees so that the Playstation unit is standing on its left side (the side with the "Power" switch closest to it) and the right side (the side with the "Open" button closest to it) in the air. From there, load the country code from your source disc followed by the CD-R backup itself as you would normally do [described in greater detail on the "Methods" page]. Your game should run fine from there.

In order to load PlayStation backups/imports that have more than one data track requires the country code from a source disc with more than one data track: UNKNOWN
I've never heard of this being an issue, however I never had to deal with a PlayStation backup that had more than one data track on it.
-Thanks go out to neohippy1980 for the above two tips.